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Technology n quality

ALERT Soles deliver all its international quality products from state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in the three North Indian states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.Our plants have their head office in the National Capital, New Delhi.

The primary objective of delivering the best products to shoe manufacturers both in India and across the globe are fulfilled at our unmatched industrial manufacturing plants manned by the best experts in the shoe sole industry.

ALERT Soles recognizes that technology gives the cutting-edge to any

company in any industry. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that all our plants employ the latest technology from around the world. ALERT Soles manufacturing plants employ the latest pouring molding technology. All ALERT Soles manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest machines and moulds specially imported from China, Taiwan and Italy.

To meet both local and global standards we use the best raw materials for all our plants both from abroad and from the most reputed companies in India such as Reliance Industries.

To satisfy the diverse and growing needs of shoe manufacturers, ALERT Soles manufacturing plants have an able, experienced and courageous entrepreneur in Mr. Ashwani Sachdeva. Mr. Sachdeva is a man of all seasons, ready to take on the next big challenge in the shoe industry. As Head of all our manufacturing plants, his varied and rich experience of over 30 years in the field of sole manufacturing has ensured that we are able to deliver, innovate and thrive in the demanding shoe sole industry.

Plant Head Office: C-1, SMA Industrial Estate,
G.T. Karnal Road, New Delhi— 110033.
Contact Person: Mr. Ashwani Sachdeva