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In Sixties Rubber chappals had captured the Shoe Market &Unit soles were unknown and unheard of by India’s Shoe manufactures. People were familiar with Leather Shoe soles only. The progress was slow but market was showing positive trends in accepting the footwear unit Sole in PU material etc.

The Shoe component manufacturing industry was in its infancy stage when dynamic entrepreneurs thought of entering this field in the early seventies, for production of shoe soles. The idea for the manufacture of unit sole was conceived primarily by those who were engaged in the business of Rubber Sheet soles.

Not all but very few manufacturers could muster courage to enter into this new venture for manufacturing of Unit soles for shoes, because they still had the feeling and the apprehensions that people may not like to shift over to the Unit soles and may stick to the use of old and conventional soles made of leather & Rubber sheet. To popularize the Unitsoles much hard work and ground work had to be done and ultimately the industry was able to achieve the desired results.

The complete shoe has two parts upper and the sole, upper is mostly of leather, synthetic leather & canvas etc. and the lower part called the sole, is the base of the shoe. It is the sole on which depends the life of shoe and so it has to be of best quality and strong.

ALERT is one of the leading manufacturers of Unit soles of PVC/TPR/PU/ EVA Phylon& Rubberin the country. It has been able to provide the “BEST BASE FOR THE BEST SHOE” by virtue of its enriched long experience of over 30 years. ALERT , in order to provide the Best Base (Sole) to its users has invested a considerable amount for importing modern machines and moulds and is able to provide best quality and standard which could match any brand in the Foreign Market.